Yoga sky

Aug. 29,2019

The original meaning of the word yoga is "combination" and "harmony." Ancient Indians practiced yoga in pursuit of the perfect combination of self and heaven and earth, and gradually evolved into the current breathing method, asana, and the idea of coordinating the balance between body and mind.

Yoga is divided into "physical yoga" and "spiritual yoga." To practice yoga, the mind is to completely eliminate the disturbance of matter, and to observe the self with a pure idea, to let the senses be in a transcendental joy, to acquire a wisdom of access and high taste of personality. .

"Shaping Yoga" is a kind of physical fitness sports. It is a kind of aerobic exercise with static and static movement. "Psychic Yoga" pursues a kind of free and easy way of life. It is a kind of life and happiness that laughs and looks light. It is through the glory of the years and the realization of a brilliant and brilliant life.

Modern society is a world full of competition. It is the choice of things and the survival of the fittest. The tension of life is too fast, and the heart is filled with depression and incomprehensibility. When you succeed, you feel that your body and mind are exhausted, and you feel uninterested in life. This is the performance of "sub-health". And knowing that life is not at all, the monthly is full, the real mature people will understand self-regulation, labor combination, will vent, will entertain, do not force themselves to pursue the goal of super power.

People's lives are often filled with many bumps, many embarrassment, many confusion, and many helplessness, so many times they are tied by the "heart prison" that they have created, so that they "sit in the sky." Therefore, I feel that the normal heart is a kind of "dao", that is, the kind of feelings of seeing mountains or mountains, watching water or water.

So when I have time, I will carry my backpack to the regular yoga studio. In the soft and soothing music, I slowly enter the world of yoga with the teacher's beat. I let my body relax, stretch, transform, as if jumping lightly in nature, playing in the water like a fish. It also seems to come to the endless sea, strolling on the soft sand, the sea kisses barefoot, the sea breeze slowly blowing, gently picking up the skirt, caressing the hair in the wind. I slowly combed the mind, lingering in the boundless "quiet world", let the heart no longer lost in the forest of desire, swept the dusty soul, and found the purity and tranquility of the original.

In the sound of the music of the sky, it seems to come to the lotus pond of the lotus field in the lotus field. The lotus pond under the moon has the charm of the lotus pond moonlight written by the prose writer Zhu Ziqing. "The lotus leaves are infinitely green, and the lotus flowers in the sun are different." When the evening wind hits, the lotus leaves that are not stained by the mud bloom quietly, and the dark fragrance floats. The whole world is so quiet and beautiful. It seems to be in the sleek and falling of the spring flowers and autumn leaves. It seems that the grass that is stubbornly drilled in the cracks contains the beliefs and hopes of nature. It seems to have read the souls and desires of the soul after the years of washing, so that the soul is fresh and full of bright colors.

A person's life is like a trip, there are countless bumps and muds along the way, and there is also a spring flower that can't be finished. Everyone's life is not the same, but the fate is fair. When you close a door, you will open another window for you. Maybe the sky outside the window is even higher. Guan Jian is to see if he can sharpen a strong heart, a pair of intelligent eyes, can find the glorious starry sky through the dust of the years. So don't complain about how life treats you, but ask how you treat life. It is precisely "planting the action will yield habits, planting habits will reap the character, and planting the character will gain the fate", psychologist philosopher William? James said.

Therefore, no matter how life is, no matter what happens in life, the so-called "shuishui month in hand", you must know how to cherish, lose to learn to forget, create a healthy and healthy mentality for yourself, find a place for your own soul Quiet and indifferent harbor. Perhaps it is "the mountain is heavy and there is no way to reconcile, and the village is dark and bright." This is also the world of yoga we are pursuing, the sky of yoga!


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