By her beauty - yoga for everyone

Aug. 30,2019

There are eight yogas, just like the eight petals of the lotus, which are shown to the practitioners. The eight branches include: outside the ring, inside the body to adjust, adjust interest, feel, stop, meditation, and samadhi, these eight petals together constitute a beautiful lotus lotus.

By her beauty - yoga for everyone

It is precisely because everyone understands yoga through the eight-figure of yoga - thinking that they can split their feet, can put their feet to the top of their heads, or can stand upside down is yoga. Therefore, it is limited by the written writing of some magazines. In fact, it is the same as the truth of blind people to understand only the eight-part style as the whole of yoga. In this way, everyone's understanding of yoga is misunderstood. It was misled by the so-called yoga pose image propaganda, and the yoga pose was regarded as the whole of yoga, which confused the audiovisual.

However, yoga is a harmonious way of life, the harmony between the individual and others, the harmony between man and nature, and the harmony between home and home...

Yoga is natural, spring harvests, flowers fall, winter is warm and cool in summer, hungry to eat, sleepy to sleep...

The Tao of the Tao Te Ching: Human Law, Earth Law, Heaven and Law, Tao Law Nature...

This is natural, that is, yoga.

Cherish yourself, and then love your family and friends around you. It is yoga to share some wonderful things to friends, it is yoga.

Obeying the law and obeying the law, there is no mindfulness to get something for nothing, it is yoga. Being in adversity, not blaming others, not complaining, is yoga.

Do not say that the words of hurting people are yoga. A smiling face between strangers who meet each other and meet each other is yoga.

It is yoga to reach out and help someone who falls to your side.

On the bus, let people who are inconvenient to make a seat, it is yoga.

Colleagues have achieved results, no jealousy, and the words of blessing are yoga...

Let the person who is in a hurry to make a sideline, even if she hits you, you have no complaints, this is yoga.

Thanksgiving is yoga, forgiveness is yoga, smile is yoga, tolerance is yoga, understanding is also yoga...

Yoga practice is designed to maintain a healthy and energetic body and to feel the harmony between body and mind.

The mind thinks and reflects it to the brain. The brain directs the body to make some movements. It must be combined with its actual situation. Only through step-by-step, step-by-step practice, the cooperation of all organs and organs of the whole body, strength, balance, flexibility, physical ability Complete the instructions issued by the brain.

Otherwise, it will be hard to pull, blindly imitate, compare, and hurt, not worth the candle. Even if you learn the shape of yoga, what is missing is the soul of yoga. Some people, injured, will complain about "yoga". It is ridiculous to think that yoga is a harmful thing.

Therefore, there is a saying in yoga: practice posture, to listen to the sound of your body, the body is telling you how to do it, not the brain.

Please be friends who are about to start yoga practice, remember the above sentence and avoid getting hurt. Yoga and fitness are one of the safest and most elegant sports that have long been recognized as both internal and external.

Sticking to yoga practice will not only make your body line more and more light and agile, but also exquisite and firm.

Moreover, through the practice of targeted breathing, the mood of impetuousness can be alleviated, the psychological pressure can be slowed down, and the mood of depression and depression can be eliminated.

In yoga practice, the muscles and joints of the whole body are stretched, and the circulation of blood is usually used to improve the quality of sleep.

Eliminates stiffness or pain in the joints of the body. After the practice, the practitioner will have a feeling of relaxation and relaxation. The whole body is relaxed, energetic, optimistic and open-minded.

These are the results of my personal verification after practicing yoga.

Especially after learning physiotherapy content, such as: the use of sound flow breathing, the use of fingerprints, the use of artistic meditation, the practice of mutual cooperation, the need for special exercises...


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